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Hexun.com, founded in 1996, built the first vertical financial portal website in China and quickly excelled in the early market of financial and securities information service. With all the endeavors made in the past 15 years, Hexun.com solidified its leading position and brand influence in the industry and has become the paragon of a professional, high-end and prime-quality financial website. Data from China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) reveals that as high as 72% of Hexun.com users are in the mid and upper income bracket, four times of the Internet’s average.

As the only website in China with all three qualifications – Internet News Information Service License, Information Website Audio-Video Program Broadcasting License, and Securities Investment Consulting License, Hexun.com covers more than 60 million users monthly on average and more than 100 million throughout the year.

Hexun.com creates miracles one after another in its rapid development by virtue of its 15-year professionalism. In 2000, Hexun.com was selected the first China Excellent Securities Website with most popularity among stock investors (Internet users). In 2005, Blog.hexun.com ranked first place with absolute advantage in the first global Chinese Blogger Satisfaction Survey. In 2008, Thomson Reuters started cooperation with Hexun in products of mass public investment and wealth-management by investing cash into it. In December 2009, Hexun.com officially signed a memorandum on strategic cooperation with Shanghai Stock Exchange as the designated core Internet medium. Since 2011, Hexun.com has witness rapid growth in user coverage and enjoyed a leading position in the rankings by third-party research institutes. According to Alexa’s data reports for September, October and November 2011, Hexun.com maintained the first place among domestic financial websites/channels by average monthly page view index. Furthermore, latest survey index from Chinalabs.com indicates that Hexun.com tops the list of financial Chinese websites.

Hexun is a subsidiary organization of Lianban, the former China Securities Market Research and Design Center. Founded in March 1989, Lianban is the initiator and founder of China’s stock market as well as the parent company of SEEC Media Group Limited, a public company listed on Hong Kong Stock Market. Such background enables Hexun with unparalleled competitive edges on people network and resources. Lianban operates a number of magazines, including Caijing, caijing.com, Capital Week, Securities Market Weekly on Focus, V-Marketing China, New Real Estate, China Auto Build, Auto Car, PC magazine, CIO Insight, Sports Illustrated, Better Homes and Gardens, Voyage, Time Out Beijing, Time Out Shanghai, His Life, Grazia, Wine Review, The Week, Vision, and topoint.com.cn.

In the new millennium, Hexun accurately positions itself by focusing on the rising middle class in China. While it constantly improves financial information and financial management services including securities, funds, banking, foreign exchange, futures, gold and insurance, Hexun also caters to the ever increasing needs from mid- and high-end users on multi-layered financial management. The aim is to build the first value-added interactive platform with a combination of financial information service, investment instruments and financial data products.



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